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IN-season or OFF-season, HOW TO WORKOUT ? #rugby #football #basketball #volleyball


As you don't have to be concerned about soreness or overtraining you can workout harder.

Increase your training volume (series, reps), you can use eccentric method, isometric hold with are strength builder but too stressful to perform during the season.


  • Time frame 4-6 weeks.

  • Goal is to allow for complete restoration following the end of the previous system while preventing detraining.

  • Emphasis on building strength, power and movement capacity.


  • Time frame 8-12 weeks.

  • Goal is to gradually increase volume and use of specific exercises throughout period to prepare for pre-season period.

  • Emphasis on work capacity, power and power-endurance.


  • Time frame 4-6 weeks.

  • Goal is increase conditioning and stress tolerance to the level necessary for the competitive season by using the sport as primary training means.


Spend more time on the field than in the weight room. Use strength training to supplement your sport-specific drills and training.

Lift weights after practice if it’s on the same day. If you have a late practice, work out on an off day or early in the morning. This will preserve your energy and your neurological responsiveness so you can still play your best.

  • Focus on your recovery to maintain performance.

  • Strength and power should be maintained with as little volume as necessary.

  • 1-2 trainings/week of strength training.

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